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This page is deprecatedbecause it doesn't follow the The microformats process but it is left online for historical purposes.



I'm no spec draft lawyer, so just take this as being "in the same vein" as hReview, hCalendar and the like. I feel the examples are pretty self-explanatory.


The big example, using as many properties as seemed could apply to a comment:

 <div class="mfcomment">
    <span class="version">0.1</span>
    <span> Regarding: <a class="url" rel="target" href="">Super Sekret Project</a></span>
    By: <span class="commenter"> <!-- I'm an hCard -->
        <a class="url nickname" href="">termie</a>
        <span class="fn">Andy Smith</a>
        <img class="photo" src="" alt="Photo of Andy Smith" /> 
    <a class="url" rel="thread parent" href="">parent</a>
    <div class="summary">Just a comment...</div>
    <abbr class="dtcommented" title="20050612T21:30-0700"><!-- I'm the same as dtreviewed for hReview -->June 12th, 2005</abbr>
    <div class="description">
        <p>Boy, I really like that thing</p>
    <a class="url" rel="self bookmark" href="">link to this comment</a>

The small example, using a minimum set of data:

 <div class="mfcomment">
    <a class="url" rel="target" href="">Super Sekret Project</a>
    <span class="commenter">anonymous</span>
    <abbr class="dtcommented" title="20050612T21:30-0700">June 12th, 2005</abbr>
    <div class="description">
        <p>Gosh, this is neat.</p>
    <a class="url" rel="self bookmark" href="">link to this comment</a>