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<entry-title>Microformat Aggregation</entry-title>

A project worked on at microformatsDevCamp

Jesse - jessehammons@peliom.net Andrew - am2collum@gmail.com Dane - dane.hurtubise@gmail.com Randy - randy@randykerber.com Yury - yurilifshits@gmail.com

Extract microformats data from the web and provide access to it through JSON. Run at App Engine.

Three Main Projects

  • [In-Browser] Use xslt.js to extract microformats from HTML documents using Optimus's XSLT stylesheet (Dane,Andrew,works!)
  • [GAE] upload AUMP and BeautifulSoup to google app engine to parse microformats (Jesse)
  • [Hosted] use lxml/python on personal server to parse microformats (Yury)

The primary output of this project was that there is little or no support for XSLT on Google App Engine. Because the canonical programmatic description of microformats is in Optimus, this presents a problem.

http://github.com/peliom/mfgae/tree/master http://mfgae1.appspot.com/

http://code.google.com/p/aump/downloads/list http://www.crummy.com/software/BeautifulSoup/