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Brainstorming experimental / undeveloped / rejected ideas for microformats-2.


further simplifications

more on allow root class name only

This has been stable for a while, see:

adopt itemref

There many existing real-world use-cases where either:

The include-pattern provides the necessary functionality for existing microformats (1.0).

For 2.0 it may be reasonable to simply re-use the nice itemref attribute from microdata, with identical/analogous functionality.

That is, when present on the root element of a microformat, the itemref attribute provides a space separated list of ids of elements in the document which are then incorporated as children of the microformat, before its actual children in the document. This is a simple coarse summary of course, and the actual itemref inclusion algorithm should be followed.

One might say that this raises the issue of requiring HTML5 with the ability to accepted extended attributes like "itemref", but I think that might be ok for the set of use-cases that need "itemref". That is, they *are* a minority of actual use-cases, and thus making them use HTML5 is probably ok.

rejected ideas

n prefix for multiple numbers


Rejected because while this *might* work for some properties in *English* it will NOT localize/internationalize well (orders of numbers in phrases change in different languages), and it will also limit the human expressivity of the plain text. Thanks to Ben Ward for this feedback at the 2011-06-02 microformats dinner. Tantek 14:25, 9 June 2011 (UTC)

see also

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