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(add value, html as reserved terms)
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* 'type'
* 'type'
* 'id'
* 'id'
* 'value' - already has special meaning e.g. [[vcp]]
* 'html'
* ... any other suggestions?
* ... any other suggestions?

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Issues relating to the overall definition of microformats2.

For parsing issues in particular, see microformats2-parsing-issues


Reserve historically overloaded terms

2015-10-21 raised by Tantek microformats2 should reserve historically overloaded generic terms to discourage vocabulary designers from shooting themselves in the foot in terms of overloading, ambiguity, implied specificity, etc. E.g. these property names should be reserved:

  • 'type'
  • 'id'
  • 'value' - already has special meaning e.g. vcp
  • 'html'
  • ... any other suggestions?


  • ...




  • +1 Tantek seems reasonable.
  • ...

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