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This page documents answers to frequently (or expected to be) asked questions about microformats2 parsing specification.

For questions about microformats2 in general, see microformats2 FAQ.


normalizing u-* property values

Q: In the Parsing u-* section, shouldn't item 5 (if there is a gotten value…) be at the end of the section? Shouldn't normalizing apply wherever the value comes from? (question from IRC, 2012-296).

A: Normalizing u-* property values occurs exactly where necessary and no more. In particular, normalizing only when present in URL attributes follows the semantics of those attributes (normalization to absolute URLs) per the Microformats in HTML5 specification, whereas when the value is present in a title attribute or in text, the expectation, in both normal usage and in the browser, is that such values are displayed and used as is without any normalization.

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