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* [| Epitaph Records]
* [| Epitaph Records]
* [| Merge Records]
* [| Merge Records]
=== Release Sites ===
* [| Rogue Wave, Descended Like Vultures]
* [| Kinski, Alpine Static]
* [| Fruit Bats, Spelled in Bones]
* [| Mudhoney, Under A Billion Suns]
* [| Cat Power, The Greatest]
=== Music database sites ===
=== Music database sites ===

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Music Examples

An attempt to gather together examples of pages describing, linking to, or referring to music.

The Problem

What is the purpose of this exploration?



Examples of what people actually publish on the Web when discussing, linking to, referring to media. This is focused predominantly on time based media such as audio and video, but may consider aspects of static media as well such as still images.

Emphasis on Practical, Simple, and Minimal

Since all previous known attempts at this problem area have ended up quite complex and over-designed, this attempt will place simplicity and minimalism first and foremost.

Thus for now, this document is deliberately restricted to examples that are:

Any examples added which do not conform to these requirements will be deleted.

Any generic analysis will also be deleted. Analysis before examples is premature. Once there are sufficient media-info-examples, and hopefully a simple/clean listing of media-info-formats, we'll hopefully start a media-info-brainstorming page to do aggregate analysis of the examples.

Table of Contents


Real World Examples

Commerce Sites

Music Journalism

Artist pages

Record Label pages

Release Sites

Music database sites

Social sites

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