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Microformats wiki pages naming conventions

All pages on this wiki should follow these naming conventions:

  1. All lowercase.
  2. Dashes between words.
  3. XMDP profile pages for microformat specs should be named with the name of the spec, followed by "-profile"
  4. Avoid any use of hierarchy "/"*
  5. US English spelling for English pages (re-use of W3C Manual of Style Spelling Editorial Guideline.)

Any violations will be deleted (or moved).

See the related (but differently applicable) Naming Principles for how we figure out how to name microformats themselves and microformats properties.

* The only exceptions to the no hiearchy rule are the rest and Microformats events pages/spaces. REST is for a completely different subset of microformats related discussions, and Microformats events is either an arbitrary exception or a bit of an experiment.


See MediaWiki customization for brief notes on how the microformats wiki is different from a "typical" MediaWiki install, in many ways to help with How to Play and naming-conventions.