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<entry-title> naming principles FAQ </entry-title> Question(s) that have come up regarding the Naming Principles.


should brevity be important

Should brevity be a consideration? Not to the point of losing meaning (class="b") but to prevent needless verbosity (class="thing-that-we-have-no-short-name-for").

A: Brevity should be a consideration yes, but not to the point of abbreviating terms such that they appear jargony or are difficult to understand or recognize. In general this will require case by case analysis and discussion. In particular avoid abbreviating to the point of ambiguity even if it makes sense in some vertical context, e.g. "var" for "variety" is a poor choice since "var" could mean "variable" (e.g. like the var element in Semantic HTML), or is also widely known as an abbreviation for "Value Added Reseller".

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