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Optimus microformats transformer and validator is a microformats validators for microformats. This page documents known issues grouped by area of support. Feel free to add new issues, or comment on existing issues.

issues with 0.8

JSON output b0rked


hAtom validation

properties are errantly reported as not specified

Bug reported 2009-05-27:

When validating microformats.org, Optimus states on a single hAtom 0.1 hentry that both:

Required property ‘author’ not specified.

Required property ‘updated’ not specified.

Required property ‘bookmark’ not specified.

Required property ‘entry-title’ not specified.


author ... Ben Ward

updated / 2009-05-15T01:16:43

bookmark / In Search of Microformats

entry-title / In Search of Microformats

obviously if Optimus can find those properties on the hentry, then they are not "not specified".

  • Expected behavior: if Optimus finds a property on an hentry, then it should not complain about that property being not specified.

bookmark is not required

Bug reported 2009-05-27:

According to hAtom, rel-bookmark is an optional property of hentry, however, when validating microformats.org, Optimus states:

Required property ‘bookmark’ not specified.


  • Expected behavior: Optimus should not state that rel-bookmark is required on hentry, and if rel-bookmark is not specified, Optimus should perhaps simply provide a warning, that

better error documentation

  • Enhancement request 2009-05-27: Whenever Optimus reports an error or warning, it would be great if the error message linked to the section of the specification that is being violated.

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