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Microformats Parsers

This page lists libraries that consume, transform or convert microformats. This is only a partial list. If you know of other such tools for microformats, please add them and list what specific microformats they support.

For now, this page copies (rather than moves) information from the existing Implementations page.




hKit Microformats Toolkit for PHP5

PHP Microformats parser

  • Microformats parser is a PHP package for extracting the microformats data embedded into HTML. The gathered data is stored as an xArray of objects - one for each microformat type container found. Announcement. The parser supports most of the hCard (missing SOUND), hCalendar, hReview (missing item info; spec really needs some clarification) and rel elements, according to their respective specification on microformats Wiki.


mofo ruby microformats parser

Microformat Parser for Ruby



  • AUMP is a parser written by David Janes. It supports hCard, hCalendar, hAtom, hReview and hListing.



  • Cognition is a parser for both “upper case Semantic Web” (RDF, RDFa) and “lower case semantic web” (microformats) technologies. It includes modules for exporting parsed data in a variety of formats, including RDF, vCard, iCalendar, Atom and KML.
    • By Toby Inkster

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