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Plazes SMS Service Syntax

Retrieved from the Plazes SMS Service page.

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Once activated, you can send these commands to one of the following numbers and interact with Plazes on your mobile phone.


Plazes USA: +1 (718) 407-9566
Plazes International: +49 176 888 111 33 (German number and charged accordingly)


Set Your Current Location

  • at <plazename>: set your location to an existing Plaze which is in the same city as your last visited Plaze (no matter if it was visited via SMS, Mobile Plazer or Plazer for Mac/PC).
    • examples:
      • at bar 25
      • at center pompidou in paris
      • at sony center in berlin
  • in <city>: to your text message if you have recently changed cities. You can also send in <city> as a single command to just locate yourself within a city.
    • examples:
      • in münchen
      • in roma
      • in palo alto
  • on <address>: Add on <address> to your text message if you know you are visiting a new Plaze. You may also send on <address> if you want to locate yourself just at an address. Remember to send in <city> if you are in a new city.
    • examples:
      • on alexanderplatz
      • on mariahilfer strasse 43 in wien
      • on 11 market street in San Francisco

Note that you can freely combine the at, in and on commands.


  • at soy luck club on 115 greenwich avenue in new york city
  • at centraal station on stationsplein in amsterdam
  • at hotel new koyo on 2-26-13 NIHONZUTSUMI TAITO-KU in tokyo

Finding Your Contacts

  • contacts?: Send contacts? to see where your friends are. Plazes SMS will return a list of your contacts, their current location and if possible, distance and direction from where you are.

Invite Others while on the Go

  • invite <name of friend> <mobile number of friend>: to invite someone while on the go. Your friend will get an SMS text message with your current location. Your friend will then get added to your contact list as soon as he/she replies.

    The easy way to invite friends is to forward the contact right out of your phone's address book. If your phone supports sending business cards or vCards via SMS, just send the Plazes SMS the vCard of the friend you would like to invite.
    • examples:
      • invite tanya 0049 173 12345678
      • invite john_doe +1 555 123-4567

Help on the Go

  • help: Send help to receive a text message with the basic commands for Plazes SMS.

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