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== Origins ==
== Origins ==
POSH was coined as a result of a discussion among John Allsopp, Tantek Çelik, Jeremy Keith, and Chris Messina at the [[events/2007-04-18-web-2-expo-dinner|Microformats Dinner following Web 2.0 Expo]] as a shorthand abbreviation for [[plain-old-semantic-html]].
POSH was coined [http://rbach.priv.at/Microformats-IRC/2007-04-06#T091456 on 6 April 2007] on the microformats IRC channel, by <kwijibo>.
== Why ==
== Why ==

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Plain Old Semantic HTML (POSH)

Welcome to the POSH home page.


POSH was coined on 6 April 2007 on the microformats IRC channel, by <kwijibo>.


The term semantic-html is a mouthful, and belies both how simple it is, how well established it is among modern web designers, and the fact that it has benefits far beyond the obvious doing the right thing for the Web by using semantic markup. We need a simple short mnemonic term that captures the essence of the concept, and is easily verbed (to posh, poshify, poshed up).


What can you do to be POSH and to make your websites POSH?

  1. Publish POSH content. Make sure your website publishes valid semantic (X)HTML, and uses semantic-class-names.
  2. Spread POSH. Encourage others to be POSH and POSHify their websites by linking to this page.
  3. Improve POSH. Help us gather resources to enable more people to easily POSHify their websites.


POSH Presentations

POSH Tutorials

POSH Blogs

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