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= Frequently Asked Press Questions =
= Frequently Asked Press Questions =

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Frequently Asked Press Questions

This page documents questions which press or other journalists ask regarding microformats, and (eventually) some good answers to those questions. See the FAQ for general frequently asked questions about microformats.


May we see microformats as a pragmatic semantic web?

Very much so. Microformats focus on enabling the rich discovery and indexing of semantic information already being published in web pages today, rather than asking web sites and companies to change their content policies and practices.

With a little bit of extra HTML, that any HTML web author can learn and produce, microformats enable any website publishing information about people, events, reviews, topics (and many other types of information), which is pretty much every website, to make that information more visibly semantic and thus available to search engines, other services, browser tools such as Firefox's Operator extension, etc.

  • Why the microformats are created?
    • Is there any connection with the principles of taxonomy?
  • Can we consider microformats as an evolution in the use of the meta-information?
  • Which is the function of the microformats inside of a web project?
  • Which are the advantages of its application in a website?
  • What kind of skills, knowledge and experience a developer must have to work with microformats?