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microformats principles


A key differentiating factor between microformats and other formats are the principles upon which microformats have been researched, designed, and developed.

Tantek Çelik

summary of key principles

related principles

Related Principles we re-use from other design paradigms:

effects of principles

Goals, objectives, and effects of some of the principles.


quotes relating to the principles.


"The trick.... is to make sure that each limited mechanical part of the Web, each application, is within itself composed of simple parts that will never get too powerful." — Tim Berners-Lee, Weaving The Web

"The beauty of this is its simplicity. If the plan gets too complex something always goes wrong." — John Goodman's character "Walter"


"...if I had insisted everyone use HTTP, this would also have been against the principle of minimal constraint. ... the Web would come as a set of ideas that could be adopted individually in combination with existing or future parts." — Tim Berners-Lee, Weaving The Web


Many of the principles were/are based on explicitly inverting assumptions from typical technology / format development.

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