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* https://twitter.com/rknLA <q>he/him</q> in profile
* https://twitter.com/rknLA <q>he/him</q> in profile
* [https://twitter.com/abbieandahalf @abbieandahalf] has "they/them" in their Twitter bio
* [https://twitter.com/brianloveswords @brianloveswords] has "he/him" in his Twitter bio
* [https://twitter.com/lindseybieda @lindseybieda] has "she/her" in her Twitter bio
* [https://twitter.com/jneen_ @jneen_] has http://pronoun.is/she in her Twitter bio
* [http://my.pronoun.is my.pronoun.is] (or just [http://pronoun.is pronoun.is]) is a little website that offers a way to show your pronouns on a silo profile using a link, e.g. [http://my.pronoun.is/they/them my.pronoun.is/they/them]
* …
* …

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This page documents specific examples of how pronoun information is currently published on the web, as well as UIs which support pronoun fields.

Sites and Services

Examples of sites/software which allow their users to specify their pronouns, either to be displayed in a profile, or to configure pronouns used by the software to refer to the user.

  • MediaWiki.org has radio button choice on Preferences: "(I prefer not to say)", "She edits wiki pages", "He edits wiki pages"

Incidentally in Profiles

Examples of pronoun information published by people on sites which don’t explicitly implement pronoun support, e.g. as part of a description field in their profile.

Personal Sites

See also: pronoun#Indieweb Examples

Examples of people who publish pronoun information on their personal sites, sometimes with experimental microformats2 properties.

  • http://acegiak.net as of 2015-02-18 using experimental p-x-pronoun-* property classes in an h-card
  • http://gregorlove.com/about as of 2015-03-12 using experimental p-x-pronoun-* property classes in an h-card
  • http://vanderven.se/martijn/ on 2017-05-21 using experimental u-pronoun property classes in an h-card to link to language-specific wiktionary.org pages for each pronoun
  • https://00dani.me/ using experimental a u-pronoun property class linking to a pronoun.is page
  • https://aaronparecki.com/about/ plain text He / Him inside an h-card
  • https://www.jvt.me on 2019-04-10 using experimental [x-]pronoun-* property classes in an h-card
  • sixtwothree.org on 2019-08-27 using experimental x-pronoun-* property classes in an h-card, also linked to my.pronoun.is
  • beesbuzz[.]biz/about on 2018-11-16, and to the representative h-card on 2019-12-06 using experimental p-pronouns and p-pronoun-* property classes inside an h-card: she/her or they/them
  • https://tantek.com h-card on 2020-10-22 using p-pronouns for the full set as a string, and p-pronoun h-pronoun for each individual pronoun linked to a URL explaining its use.
  • https://waterpigs.co.uk using experimental x-pronoun-* classes in an h-card: Pronouns: he/him/his