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= Public Key Examples =
This page is for documenting real world examples of how people are presenting their public keys on the web.
= Introduction =
= Specific Examples from the Wild =
== Personal Websites ==
* Leo Notenboom exposes his public key as <pre>-formatted plaintext [http://ask-leo.com/whats_your_public_key.html here]
* Christian Mauduit links to his public key file from his [http://www.ufoot.org/ homepage]
* Robert Wilson exposes his key in plaintext (inside a nice frame) on his [http://users.stargate.net/~rewilson/PGPClick/mykey.html key page], linked from his homepage
* Jonathon E. Magen exposes his key in plaintext inside a <code> block on his [http://yonkeltron.com/my-public-key/ public key page] linked from his homepage (“My Public Key” is a top-level nav item!)

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