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** complex, outline style with questions grouped in hierarchies
** complex, outline style with questions grouped in hierarchies
*The Firefox faq is marked up with <dl> as is the old Mozilla 1.5 FAQ: Both of them are separated into sections and have tables of contents.
*For the [ W3C XHTML faq], the table of contents is in an ordered list, and contains urls that point to the question/answer fragments below.  The question answer fragments are an h3 element paired with one or more p elements.
*For the Brainstorms and Raves article on [, HTML, XHTML, and Structure], the faq is definition list enclosed in a div element of the class faq.  Questions are inside of dt elements, and answers inside of dd elements.  If a question has multiple answers, there would be a seperate dd element for each answer.

==Multi-page FAQs==
==Multi-page FAQs==

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Question & Answer Examples

Examples of questions & answers on web pages.


Andy Mabbett,Taylor Cowan


Multi-page FAQs

Questions lacking specificity

    • What is the purpose of this site?
      • could be: what is the purpose of
    • Who can rate?
      • "Who can rate MDs on
    • What is your privacy policy?
      • What is the privacy policy of

Supplementary questions

Non-questioning questions

See also