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The realestate_propertydetail page is an exploratory discussion on developing a microformat that could be used in conjunction with adr, hListing, geo, and maybe others, to provide a consistent format for real estate property listings.

Discussion Participants




First we need to identify the property attributes that are common in all MLS systems. For instance number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, fireplace y/n, if y then how many fireplaces, etc. As we define the common attributes we can start building the framework and experimenting with combining the new format with hListing, adr, geo, and any others that might be appropriate.

One of my ultimate goals is to not only be able to provide a consistent industry specific format, but to also begin attaching data to properties in a way that has never been done before. So for instance, if a Realtor has a listing for sale and they post the listing and photos of the listing with geo data, that that information can be cataloged forever with the property. Then over time homeowners, home buyers, property assessors, etc. can look at snapshots of the same property over time and visually see upgrades, deterioration, etc.

Compatible Formats

This section is to identify any compatible microformats (i.e. hListing, adr, geo) and list them out. Also we can suggest formats, even if they don't exist or if you aren't certain they exist, add them to the list and hopefully one of us will be able to add a link to the appropriate microformat

Is there a format for:

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