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Suggested fields for inclusion

Excerpted from Conor Bandon's Blog and derived from The RecipeML Spec:

  • Recipe_Title
  • Summary Description (one liner)
  • Measurement System (U.S., Imperial etc)
  • Ingredients (each one a separate “item” rather than block text with count/amount/range/unit broken out too)
  • Creator (Person) (hcard?)
  • Source (Book Title etc)
  • Date (Of Creation or Publication)
  • Rights (Copyright or other)
  • Preparation Time (overall time)
  • Yield Quantity and Unit (4 pancakes or 5 servings)
  • Meal Category (Starter, entree, dessert )
  • Main Ingredients Category (Pasta etc)
  • Cuisine Category (Italian etc)
  • Instructions (text, but can contain:)
    • Steps (optional)