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recipe brainstorming

Towards a recipe microformat. Please read process before editing this page.

This page is currently a rough draft formed after surveying the recipe-examples and other related formats such as RecipeML and existing microformats. RecipeML MUST be documented in recipe-formats, otherwise the reference is meaningless.

This page is currently premature, as there first needs to be a recipe-formats page where pre-existing recipe formats are documented (e.g. RecipeML), BEFORE brainstorming, per the process

Suggested fields for inclusion

Excerpted from Conor Bandon's Blog entry and derived from The RecipeML Spec:

Additional Suggestions

Cookcamp brainstorming

At CookCamp in February 2007, Tantek moderated a fairly free form discussion of how to publish/share recipes. Here is a photo of the whiteboard:


To Do: OCR this and enter rough notes here...



See Also

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