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** preparation steps
** preparation steps
** left-over preservation instructions
** left-over preservation instructions
==== Perfect Flank Steak ====
[ John C. "CSS is a series of tubes" Dvorak]
* Composed of
** title of recipe
** description
** ingredients
** preparation steps
** suggested accompaniments
=== Services ===
=== Services ===

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Recipe Examples

Per the microformats process this is an examples page documenting existing real world examples of actual tasty recipes published on the Web.



Recipe Lists

Recipes Examples


Lentil Stew

Neriman’s Mercimek - Yummy Lentils

Mocha Brownie Cake

Mocha Brownie Cake

A Moroccan-ish Casserole

Simon Wheatley

May expand to include: variation suggestions

Fruit Salad

fruit salad (Mark Pilgrim)

Extremely detailed instructions.

Perfect Flank Steak

John C. "CSS is a series of tubes" Dvorak

Services - Sachertorte

Sachertorte (

BBC Food - Marzipanned fruit cake

Marzipanned fruit cake BBC Food Recipes - Jamaican Chicken Stew Recipe

Jamaican Chicken Stew Recipe (

Notes: No meaningful markup used. Recipes use <table> for all layout/presentation. <b>, <br>, and nested <font> used throughout. Line images separate sections of recipe. - Chicken Jalfrezi Recipe

Chicken Jalfrezi Recipe ( - Moroccan Braised Beef

Moroccan Braised Beef (

Notes: Images are the secondary headings * (class = hdr) , no sub heading markup. Recipes do not use use <li> and use <br> instead of <p> often. - Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre ( - Cranberry Cherry Relish


Note: Recipe is in text format using <pre> inside a <td>.

Next Steps

  1. Add more examples and analysis of their markup and implied schemas
  2. Research existing recipe-formats (Mealmaster, RecipeML, ...)
  3. recipe-brainstorming on a minimal recipe schema that represents the 80/20 of common properties of the examples and reuses terms from existing widely implemented recipe formats.
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