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reinvented wheels

This page is here to document proposals that have been made one time or another that were simply reinventing functionality already present in semantic (X)HTML, roulette game in the hopes that by documenting attempts to reinvent the wheel, we can avoid or minimize re-re-inventions, and encourage re-use instead.

At some point perhaps we can order these more specifically by date. For now, roulette games I'm putting everything under 2005. - Tantek


rel mobile

rel="mobile" is a reinvention of:

<link rel="alternate" media="handheld" ... />

But Atom doesn't have the 'media' attribute.

  • Then the solution is to add the 'media' attribute, rather than reinventing another way of doing media, OR to simply use a XHTML namespace qualifed <link> casino cards tag which can then have the media attribute. In either case, casino online adding a new rel value is both unnecessary and undesirable.


The so-called "item" microformat is a reinvention of <li>.

before 2005


OPML is a reinvention of <ul>, casinos <ol>, <li>, as demonstrated by XOXO 1.0: Extensible Open XHTML Outlines.