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Rel Examples

Real world example uses of rel attribute values which could, potentially, be used in microformats.

Purpose and Scope

  • Use process first. Rather than listing any such rel attribute uses here, if there is a desire to actually rigorously develop the functionality behind such rel attributes into a microformat, then the process should be followed with that functionality in mind, rather than a paticular rel attribute value.
  • Reference URLs to external uses with potential. It may not be clear what the value is of documenting rel examples outside the attempt to develop any particular microformat. However, it seems reasonable to have a placeholder for such documentation as a reference of sorts to existing real world example uses to be considered unless it proves counter-productive or attempts to bypass the process. Examples which have been considered and rejected should be moved to the rejected-formats page since they no longer could "potentially" be used in microformats.
  • Proposing rel attributes is inappropriate. Any "proposed rel attributes" would very much be bypassing the process and thus are discouraged. Pursue the process for development of a solution to the problem area, rather than leaping to the specific technical solution of using a rel attribute value.


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Rejected Examples

See rejected-formats for examples that have been rejected.