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Forms Brainstorming

This page collects ideas from rest/forms-examples how to best encode form data into a microformat

DETH = Dictionaries Encoding/Transmitting HTML

Rules (Strawman)

  1. Only use XHTML Basic Forms Module
  2. Must use action with appropriate URI (no scripts)
  3. Recommend: use a label with every input
  4. Make the for of the label match the id of input
  5. Optionally, group label with input using or <li>
    1. If <li>, group input inside label
    2. If , place label in first , and input in second.
  6. Always place submit and reset outside grouping


Anchor Design Pattern

<a class="deth" href="http//">label</a>

Forms Design Pattern

<form class="deth" action="" method="post">
 <dt><label for="firstname">First name:</label></dt>
  <dd><input type="text" id="firstname" />
   <label for="lastname">Last name:</label></dt>
  <dd><input type="text" id="lastname" />
  <dd><input type="radio" name="sex" value="male">Male</input>
  <input type="radio" name="sex" value="female">Female</input>
  <dd>  <input type="checkbox" name="travel" value="car">Car</input>
  <input type="checkbox" name="travel" value="bike">Bicycle</input>
 <label for="age">Age:</dt>
   <option val=0>< 18</option>
   <option val=18>18-64</option>
   <option val=65>65+</option>
 <label for="description">Description:</label></dt>
  <dd><textarea id="description">Default text</textarea>
<input type="submit" value="Send" />
<input type="reset" />

Sample Python Binding

 "firstname","lastname","sex",'"travel", "age","description"
 "firstname":"First name:",
 "lastname":"Last name:",
 "sex":{"@type":"radio", "male":"Male", "female":"Female"},
 "travel":{"@type":"checkbox", "car":"Car", "bike":"Bicycle"},
 "age":{"@@body":"Age:", "@type":"select",
        "0":"< 18", "18":"18-64", "65":"65+"
   "@value":"Default text"