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[ Background Problem ]

Microformat gives meaning to small chunks of text in one XHTML document.

We can put several pieces of microformatted contents (e.g hCalendar, hAtom, hCard etc) in a single XHTML document, and both human and machine will be likely possible to understand and process each of the pieces.

Is it possible, if we (human) wish to hand-author just one of the pieces (e.g to update/delete the entry represented by that piece of hAtom), and submit it back to the remote server?

[ APP model draf-06 ]

I will highlight two resources: "Collection" and "Member", quoted from APP section 3:

A resource that contains a set of member IRIs.
A resource whose IRI is listed in a collection.

In brief,

  • "Collection" has a "href" IRI to accept POST to create a *new* member. See 8.1
  • "Collection" has a "list-template" IRI to accept GET to *list* out members in the collection. See 9.0
  • "Member" has a link *edit* IRI to accept GET, PUT, DELETE to manipulate the member. See 10.1

APP is designed for machine. Both "what" and "how" are written in draft and have to be early-bound into both client and server codes.

[ a microformat way? ]

Use "member" and "collection" classes based on the semantic in APP. The "resource" is usually in microformat. Example: hEvent is a "member" and hCalendar is a "collection". Of course, a "member" may exists in a document without its "collection".