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DUHPER: A Dual-Use HTML Profile Expressing REST

The 0.8% Solution for Web Services

aka XOXR ("Shocker"): eXtensible Open XHTML-REST

October 18th, 2005

Web Services: The Opportunity

Web Services: The Problem

The Answer(?): REST vs. RPC

Advantages of REST over RPC

Challenges of REST

No standard way to find services
Too many incompatible ways to encode links, data
What if your schema isn't 100% right?
What the heck does "state transfer" mean?

Proposal: A Dual-Use (X)HTML Profile

Three Challenges

Challenge #1: Machine-Parseability

What Are Microformats?

Kinds of Microformats

Example: hCard

<div class="vcard">
 <a class="url fn" href="">
  Tantek Çelik
 <div class="org">Technorati</div>

Example: eXtensible Open XHTML Outlines

<dl class='xoxo'> <-- Dictionary -->
 <dt>Key #1<dt>
 <dd><ol> <-- Array -->
       <li>sub-item #1</li>
       <li>sub-item #2</li>

Challenge #2: Only Two Verbs

Overload URI with actions? No!
Web 2.0 is an constructive medium
Don't store a document; ask for creation
POST parent&key1=value1 => child URI
Don't overwrite documents; update
POST child&key1=value1 => new child URI
Don't delete a document; flag for removal
POST child&shouldDelete=true

Challenge #3: Key-Value Data

The 0.8% Solution for Web Services



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