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Résumé Brainstorming

Where are résumés published?

  • Personal Website
  • Job sites
    • Monster
    • Dice
    • Hotjobs
    • CareerBuilder
    •  ?
  • classified sites
    • craigslist
  • company websites
    •  ?

It would be ideal if we could create an xml resume schema (based on one of the two existing works), and then write tools to generate it into whatever format is desired: semantic xhtml, microformat hCard, proprietary XML (ie - xml).

Application of current microformats

See Resume Formats for a description of common résumé elements.


The contact info block of a résumé could be expressed with an hCard 1.0.


Educational experience could be expressed as a list of hcalendars. The rationale is that education can be viewed as a long-running event- it would be easy to reuse the vocabulary from hCalendar 1.0 for describing events.

Work Experience

Just like Education, work experience could be expressed as a list of hcalendars.

Additionally, within a particular work experience, the list of job titles could be expressed as hcards.


Skills could be expressed as tags, using relTag.


Any publications, presentations, or other works could be represented buy a citation microformat


References could be expressed as a list of hcards, though web-based résumés tend to be light on using references.


LinkedIn allows users to endorse others' resumes. This functionality could be capture with Vote Links.

Other Résumé Formats

Other Thoughts About Résumé Formats