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Resumé Brainstorming

Where are resumés published?

  • Personal Website
  • Job sites
    • Monster
    • Dice
    • Hotjobs
    • ?
  • ?

Application of current microformats

See Resume Formats for a description of common resumé elements.


The contact info block of a resume could be expressed with an hCard 1.0.


Educational experience could be expressed as a list of hcalendars. The rationale is that education can be viewed as a long-running event- it would be easy to reuse the vocabulary from hCalendar 1.0 for describing events.

Work Experience

Just like Education, work experience could be expressed as a list of hcalendars.

Additionally, within a particular work experience, the list of job titles could be expressed as hcards.


Skills could be expressed as tags, using relTg.


References could be expressed as a list of hcards, though web-based resumés tend to be light on using references.