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Typical Resumes

In discussion with the SimplyHired guys, they came up with two general resume styles which cover the majority of cases.

Remember, in this discussion we want to try and cover the generalities of 80-90% of resume formats (and not just structured formats, but just conventions for how people publish, whether on the web or paper).

Also, this page if for description of common formats, only. For analysis and ideas, see resume-brainstorming.


Traditional style

Minimal Set

  • Contact Info
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Skills


  • Objective
  • interests
  • references (could be tied to a specific job)


(we need a few representative examples here)


Some people publish functional resumes, which are a somewhat inverted form of the traditional.

  • Contact
  • Work Experience
    • Company
      • Project
  • skill
    • experience (job, education, etc)


(we need a few representative examples here)