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Resume Formats


This is page is for document pre-existing resume *data* formats as part of the process to develop an resume microformat. See hResume for the current draft.

For a discussion of resume *layout* formats (i.e. chronological vs. skill based), see resume-examples.


Resume Formats

Put names/links-to current/existing attempts of resume formats here.

XHTML resume formats

Existing XML resume formats

XML Resume Library

XML Resumé Library

A library with DTDs and XSL stylesheets for converting from their XML schema to XHTML, PDF, etc. The project seems to have been quiet since mid-2005.


HR-XML has an xml dialect for formats

In fact, the scope of their schemas is much broader, including aspects such as job descriptions and hiring, contracts, payroll, is widely adopted by major actors in the employment business.

It exists also an application profile for Europass CV based on HR-XML with XSL for cross interoperability between HR-XML and Cedefop schemas.

It is possible to realise the same kind of cross interoperability feature with hResume (work started, 20th May 2007).


Europass is a schema developed by the Cedefop (European Center for Vocational Education and Training) at the initiative of the European Commission to improve mobility of European students, trainees, and workers "on a single transparency framework for qualifications and competences."

At this page there is a Web form by which you can create your CV and then you can export it in different formats, among which there is also an XML format, so it should be possible to convert the Europass XML CV into XHTML with hResume markup automatically.

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hResume is the classic microformats predecessor for h-resume. Work on hResume is documented at the following for historical purposes. Much of the general discussion and research likely still applies.

The hResume specification is a work in progress. As additional aspects are discussed, understood, and written, they will be added. These thoughts, issues, and questions are kept in separate pages.

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