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** rating (0-10 in increments of 0.1)
* rating (0-10 in increments of 0.1)
** classification
* classification
** summary
* summary
** full review
* full review
** agree or disagree
* agree or disagree
== Analysis of Examples ==
== Analysis of Examples ==

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Review Examples

There have been several efforts to define data formats for posting "reviews" of products, services etc. on the Web.

This page serves to document the current list of review examples from real world sites for the design of a simple reviews microformat. -Tantek



Copied from reviews-formats which itself was contributed from Technorati Developer's Wiki: ReviewsFormats)

See Also

Examples on the Web

Notice that author appears several times in the list below, and that it sometimes refers to the author of the review, and other times to the author of the book being reviewed. A parenthetical will be used to distinguish them now.

Centralized Implementations

Insider Pages

Customer reviews of local businesses


Mini reviews are limited to products on some areas of the site.


Consumer Reviews


Web site or page reviews

Yahoo! Local




SF Survey


delicious 3rd party

iTunes XML

review world

Dinner Buzz

Analysis of Examples

Common review fields

See Also

See hReview for the result and evolution of these thoughts on a microformat.

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