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RFC 6350, "vCard Format Specification", commonly referred to as vCard, forms the basis of the microformats-2 hCard microformat.

When normatively referencing RFC 6350 on this wiki, either do so by linking to this page with


or directly to

new properties

The following is an (incomplete) list of the new properties introduced in vCard 4:

  • anniversary
  • gender - with subproperties sex and gender-identity
    • p-sex and p-gender-identity respectively in h-card
  • related -
    • vCard4 incorporates by reference all xfn rel values and adds:
    • 'agent' - we should consider a rel-agent accordingly (at least reserve).
    • 'emergency' - we should consider a rel-emergency accordingly (at least reserve).
  • member
  • calscale
  • ...

email list

The email list where vCard 4 is discussed is here:

To post a message to all the list members, send email to


Please feel free to record feedback here inline as well as send it to the vcarddav mailing list. If this section grows too big, we can move it to vcard4-feedback.

  • ...

alternate references

Avoid linking to the informative HTML translation of rfc6350.txt, which you must explicitly do by avoiding simply using the string RFC 6350 in your text, as MediaWiki appears to auto-hyperlink it to the HTML translation thus: RFC 6350.

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