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search engines

Search engine Microformats Implementations that index microformats across the web (i.e. not just on their own site).

web search

General web search. Search engines that index websites in general using microformats.


Main article: Google Search supports rel="nofollow", hCard 1.0, hReview 0.4 (in progress), hReview aggregate, hProduct (since 2009-05-12 for rich snippets) in main search. Through additional interfaces Google supports rel="license" ( Google Advanced Search - Usage rights), and XFN - The XHTML Friends Network (Google Social Graph API. See Google Search for more details.


Main article: Yahoo Search

Yahoo search supports rel="nofollow". Through additional interfaces, Yahoo supports rel="license" (Yahoo Creative Commons search) and hCard, hCalendar, hReview, XFN, geo, rel-tag, adr through Yahoo Search BOSS and Yahoo Search Monkey. See Yahoo Search for more details.

blog search

Search blog posts and blogs in general. Search engines that specifically index blogs, blog posts, and other realtime sources on the web using microformats.



prototype or alpha


to do

  • both and should redirect/retrieve

Technorati Kitchen


search results in microformats

Search engines that publish microformats in their results (but may not necessarily be indexing microformats).