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This page is depreacted. For better examples, see examples-in-wild.

This page was to collect snapshots in time of events found "in the wild" for testing purposes. Also see an external page of test cases (404).



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A very good implementation of the hCard standard

I noticed that this author keeps updating his implementation to reflect the revised drafts. Perhaps it is also good to notice the problem of not being able to put the suffix in a meta-description.

<div class="vcard">
	<img style="float:right; margin:4px" src="" alt="Profile photo" class="photo"/>

	<a class="url fn" href="" title="Full name"><span class="n given-name">Gerard</span> <span class="n family-name">Braad</span> Jr.</a>
        <span class="nickname">gbraad</span>

        <span class="bday" title="Date of Birth">1981-02-22</span>
	<div class="org" title="Organisation"><a class="url work" href="">Sur-V-ioN</a></div>
	<span class="role" title="Role">(Freelance) Software Developer</span>
	<div class="adr">
		<div class="street-address" title="Street">Rustenburgstraat 224</div>
		<span class="postal-code" title="Postal code">7311JC</span>
		<span class="locality" title="City">Apeldoorn</span>
		<span class="country-name" title="Country">The Netherlands</span>
	<div class="tel">
		<span class="pref work voice" title="Work phonenumber">+31 (0)87 1901 799</span>
		<span class="home voice" title="Home phonenumber">+31 (0)55 5150 002</span>
		<span class="cell voice" title="Cell phonenumber">+31 (0)6 4913 7996</span>
	<div class="email">
		<a class="pref internet" title="Primary email" href="">me at gbraad dot nl</a>
		<a class="internet" title="Alternate email" href="">gbraad at survion dot com</a>
		<a class="internet" title="Alternate email" href="">gbraad at spotsnel dot nl</a>

<div class="services">
	<span class="yahoo" title="Yahoo! contact">gbraad</span>
	<span class="msn" title="MSN contact"></span>
	<span class="icq" title="ICQ number">9864024</span>
	<span class="aim" title="AIM contact">gbraadjr</span>
	<span class="skype" title="Skype username">g_braad</span>
	<span class="gizmo" title="Gizmo username">g_braad</span>

  • This has the properties:
tel = +31 (0)55 5150 002 +31 (0)87 1901 799 +31 (0)55 7110 330 +31 (0)87 7846 866 +31 (0)6 4913 7996
email = me at gbraad dot nl gbraad at survion dot com
n = null
and lacks an "honorific-suffix" class on "Jr.". Also, the "alt" attribute on the image is almost certainly inappropriate.
(Tested with Operator 0.9) Andy Mabbett 12:01, 20 Jan 2008 (PST)


Multiple Tests

  • Tantek's blog always has a fresh selection of microformatted content:
  • The home page of this site?