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Various examples of how sites present and format sheet music on the web.

This page serves to document the current list of sheet-music formats and metadata as background research for the development of a sheet music microformat. -Barnaby Walters



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Sheet Music

Within the music (preformatted monospace with textual chord symbols over the text):

There are some really interesting UI elements here, including chord diagrams on hover and a configurable, if a little dumb, autoscroll. Note that much of the information is obfuscated if you’re not logged in, making this a less-than-optimal example

The Session

Jeremy Keith's Irish traditional music library. Uses ABC as the primary notation storage format (see sheet-music-formats).

WaterPigs Hurdy Gurdy Sheet Music Library

Barnaby Walters' Hurdy Gurdy Sheet Music database.

Lyrics and Chords

Sheet music also addresses for lyrics with chords. They are published in a fixed structure and without any semantics (where there are semantics, just the chords, and even then, without any pattern). As a consequence, it is impossible to predict how the text will fit today different screen sizes intelligently, avoiding blanks and scrollbar (regarding smartphones, notebooks, tablets and even TVs).

Some sheet music (tabs, lyrics and chords) sites

Analysis of sheet song sites

9 examples

properties VERY common on all examples, but which depends on the user contributor free will, not site

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