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Showroll Brainstorming


Charles Iliya Krempeaux


What is a showroll? Think blogroll to shows. A showroll is a listing of the shows someone watches. Although it can be used to list the shows someone watches on traditional TV, it is most useful when it is used to list the Internet TV shows someone watches.

This page brainstorms microformat usage applied to what is called: Internet TV, IPTV, NewTube, vlogging, vidblogging, etc.

Current Practice

Any show microformat should be guided by current practice, in the wild, for specifying a show. Below are a list of known show formats currently found on the web.

Show Strawman #1

A listing of shows watched.

    <div class="shows">
        <a rel="show" href="...">...</a>

        <a rel="show" href="...">...</a>

        <a rel="show" href="...">...</a>