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== Articles ==
== Articles ==
* 2007-08-17
**[ Thoughts on the Social Graph] by Brad Fitzpatrick.
* 2007-08-15
* 2007-08-15
** [ Pull down the walled gardens] Internet law professor Michael Geist says the walled gardens of social networks should be pulled down.
** [ Pull down the walled gardens] Internet law professor Michael Geist says the walled gardens of social networks should be pulled down.

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Social Network Portability


One of several user-interface ideas and suggestions for working with microformats.

The Problem

Why is it that every single social network community site makes you:

In addition, why do you have to:

AKA "social network fatigue problem" and "social network update/maintenance problem".

The Goals

When you join a new site, you should be able to import or preferably subscribe to

from any existing profile of yours.

In addition it would be nice if preferences around:

also transferred between profiles.

AKA a social internetwork, a network of social networks.

Design Patterns and Recipes

The "How To" for social network profile sites that want to solve the above problems and achieve the above goals.

  1. Publish microformats in your user profiles:
    1. implement hCard on user profile pages. See hcard-supporting-profiles for sites that have already done this.
    2. implement hCard+XFN on the list of friends on your user profile pages. See hcard-xfn-supporting-friends-lists for sites that already do this. (e.g. [Twitter]).
  2. Subscribe to microformats for your user profiles:
    1. when signing up a new user:
      1. let a user fill out and "auto-sync" from one of their existing hcard-supporting-profiles, their name, their icon etc. Satisfaction Inc already supports this.
      2. let a user fill out and "auto-sync" their list of friends from one of their existing hCard+XFN supporting friends lists. already supports this.

Social Network Portability FAQ


See and add to social-network-portability-issues.

Discussion and suggestions


See blog posts following up from the 2007-07-28-portable social networks meetup.

See ma.gnolia Portable Social Network Group for aggregated bookmarks around the subject and join the group to share links.

View blog reactions



Lessons learned in this initiative can be transferred to other microformats; for instance, with hCalendar, to upload an event from one calendar site to another. Andy Mabbett

See also

Related Events and Notes

(if you know of or can find earlier mentions on the web of "social network portability", please add the earliest reference elsewhere on the web to this chronology. Tantek 08:25, 22 Aug 2007 (PDT))

See the microformats events page for upcoming events related to social network portability.

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