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social network portability issues

As more and more sites and services implement social-network-portability with microformats, we will uncover issues, details, and other questions about implementation. Please add them here in chronological order (oldest last).


  • 2007-07-31: For import/subscribe to hCard user profiles, "we need a defined heuristic for picking out the page owner from the friends." - Kevin Marks in IRC.
  • 2007-08-03: Profile information can be a very broad term judging from some of the horribly long profile forms I have seen on for instancy MyBlogLog. Some stuff should be essential, but optionally you can add pretty much anything as somebody's profile. Alper 05:44, 3 Aug 2007 (PDT) Some optionals which could be nice to have:
    • hResume markup for current (and previous) occupation and school history, maybe also for skills/interests.
    • hReview markup to automatically get the favorite books, music, movies of somebody instead of duplicating it across sites.

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