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social network portability issues

As more and more sites and services implement social-network-portability with microformats, we will uncover issues, details, and other questions about implementation. Please add them here in chronological order (oldest last).

closed issues

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resolved issues


  • 2007-07-31: For import/subscribe to hCard supporting user profiles, "we need a defined heuristic for picking out the page owner from the friends." - Kevin Marks in IRC.
  • 2007-08-03: Profile information can be a very broad term judging from some of the horribly long profile forms I have seen on for instancy MyBlogLog. Some stuff should be essential, but optionally you can add pretty much anything as somebody's profile. Alper 05:44, 3 Aug 2007 (PDT) Some optionals which could be nice to have:
    • hResume markup for current (and previous) occupation and school history, maybe also for skills/interests.
    • hReview markup to automatically get the favorite books, music, movies of somebody instead of duplicating it across sites.
    • ACCEPTED TO DO. This is a good suggestion for improving social-network-portability. In addition to publishing hCard 1.0 on user profiles, where applicable, we should document when and how to also use hResume and hReview 0.4 (in progress) markup for portability of more aspects of user profiles. Tantek 11:49, 24 Sep 2008 (PDT)


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