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<entry-title> Source Brainstorming </entry-title>

Per the microformats The microformats process, this page is for brainstorming about ideas, proposals, constraints, requirements for a microformat for indicating the link relationship between a document (or site) and its source code.


<a href="https://github.com/adactio/html5forwebdesigners" rel="source">the source for this book</a>
<link href="https://github.com/adactio/html5forwebdesigners" rel="source />

Use Cases

When an author links to a project's (or document's) source code (e.g. on GitHub, Google Code, etc.) a rel value of "source" could be used to


These examples demonstrate situations where an explicit rel value could be used to mark up an existing document (or project's) link to its source.