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* Is "sci" the best attribute name for the top-level?  
* Is "sci" the best attribute name for the top-level?  
** No - Scott Reynen
** No - Scott Reynen
***What do you think would be better? - Andy Mabbett
*** What do you think would be better? - Andy Mabbett
**** Assuming "sci" is short for "scientific name", I propose "scientific-name".
* Should "bin", var", "cult", etc., be written in full? (I think not, to save bloating file sizes)
* Should "bin", var", "cult", etc., be written in full? (I think not, to save bloating file sizes)

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Species Brainstorming

Andy Mabbett


There should, I believe, be a microformat for the markup of plant and animal names, to include their scientific names. Consider:

<abbr class="sci" title="Anas platyrhynchos">Mallard</abbr>


<span class="sci">Anas platyrhynchos</span>

The microformat would allow user agents to be configured to perform look-ups on on-line databases of species, according to user preferences. Specification of the taxonomic class would help user agents to know which such databases were applicable (i.e., use database A for plants, but database B for mammals and database C for insects.)

It would also allow for more specific searching (do I mean "crow" or do I mean "Corvus corone"?).

The specification should encourage, but not mandate, the correct capitalisation of scientific names "Anas platyrhynchos" not "anas platyrhynchos".

A first draft

I'm tending towards this model:

sci (scientific name)
bin ("binomial name")
sub ("subspecies")
var ("variety")
subvar ("subvariety")
cult ("cultivar")
cultgp ("cultivar group")
trade ("trade name")
cross (e.g. "F1")
sense (botanical - see examples)
year (...of authority)
cname ("common name")

where all except "bin" are optional, and it is possible to infer from simply:

<abbr class="bin" title="Anas platyrhynchos">Mallard</abbr>


<span class="bin">Anas platyrhynchos</span>

that the genus is Anas and the species is platyrhynchos (and, thus, "bin" is to "sci"; as "adr" is to "vcard")

Other examples

    <span class="sci">
        <span class="bin">Larus glaucoides</span>
        <span class="sub">kumlieni</span>
  <span class="sci">
    <span class="bin">Pisum sativum</span>
    var. <span class="var">macrocarpon</span> 
    <span class="sci">
        <abbr class="bin" title="Larus thayeri">
            <span class="common">Thayer's Gull</span>
    <span class="sci">
        <abbr class="common" title="Thayer's Gull"> 
            <span class="bin" Larus thayeri</span> 
    <span class="sci"> 
        <abbr class="kingdom" title="Fungi"> 
            <span class="bin">Amanita muscaria</span> 
    <span class="sci"> 
        <span class="bin">Pica pica</span> 
        <span class="authority">Linnaeus</span>, 
        (<span class="year">1758</span>) 
    The species was classified as
    <span class="sci">
        <abbr class="bin" title="Bartramia longicauda">Tringa longicauda</abbr>
        by Johann Bechstein in 1812.


<span class="bin">Larus glaucoides <span class="sub">kumlieni</span></span>

Embedding within other microformats

The proosed plant microformat (with care regime, supplier, etc.), hlisting or hReview could contain a scientific name microformat, in the same way that an hCal can contain an hCard.


See also

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