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== Wallpaper ==
== Wallpaper ==
=== Wallpaper and desktop screens. ===
=== Wallpaper and desktop screens. ===
* A [http://remiprevost.com/weblog/2006/06/25/microformats-le-fond-decran/ wallpaper] by [[User:Remi|Rémi Prévost]]
* A [http://remiprevost.com/images/wallpapers/microformats/ wallpaper] by [[User:Remi|Rémi Prévost]]

== Logo ==  
== Logo ==  

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Spread Microformats

Inspired by Spread Firefox, this page is for sharing community resources for marketing microformats such as Microformats Buttons, banners, wallpaper / desktop screens, logo graphics, etc.


  • See Advocacy email samples for some sample emails you can copy/customize and send to site owners to encourage them adopt microformats.


Wallpaper and desktop screens.



External online community resources


  • meatball:microformats -- a first page (stub to be reviewed) dedicated to have any review/opinion from the meatballers especially on the wiki-formats.
  • communitywiki:microformats -- an old multilingual page with a blockcodemachine proposal.

See Also