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Task Formats

This page will look at existing examples of task (to-do) formats and assess a model task format type. The idea is to put forward the most important properties for creating a task microformat.

Previous Formats

The Task Microformat may be based loosely on elements found in the VTODO spec. VTODO is part of the RFC2445 iCalendar spec used for describing task items. VTODO is fairly straight-forward, as it doesn't contain any nested entities, and has a fairly small list of properties. Most of these it shares with VEVENT, suggesting a Task Microformat be modeled on hevent in hCalendar 1.0, and the ground assumption is that htodo should work just like hevent with respect to these properties. The shared properties in this case might include:

class, created, description, dtstamp, dtstart, geo, last-mod, location, organizer, priority, recurid, seq, statusm summary, uid, url, duration, attach, attendee, categories, comment, contact, exdate, exrule, rstatus, related, resources, rdate, rrule, x-prop

The unique properties of the existing VTODO format are:

  • completed The date/time the todo was completed
  • due The date/time this todo is due
  • percent Integer from 0-100, completion status

As the data types for completed and due are the same as, e.g., dtstart, then the usage should be the same. For example,

<abbr class="due" title="2007-01-01T13:10:05.0Z">January 1, 2007</abbr>

Comparison chart

The following chart maps the terms from existing hCal and hCard implementations to proposed Task values. This is important because if all the properties are introduced to this microformat, then it's possible to map them to a number of different formats. Each column has all the properties and their equivalent in each format. If there is no corresponding property, I have proposed a new property. At the bottom of the list are the unique terms to each format. Dublin Core has basic terms and terms that extend the basic ones.

THIS IS NOT DEFINITIVE, any errors should be corrected. More formats will be added to the list as they are mapped.

Section Name Class Values
  Timezone tzid  
  Created dtstart  
  Duration duration  
  Due dtend  
  Multiple dates rdate  
  Recurrence Rule rrule  
  Frequency freq  
  Recurrence Date rdate  
  Reminder dtrem  
  Originator uid  
  Assignee fn n  
  Informee cc  
  Group org  
  Status status active, disabled, completed
  Progress   %
  Priority priority high, medium, low
  Privacy privacy  
  Title description  
  Summary summary  
  Category category  
  Tags meta  
  Parent rel="par"  
  Dependency rel="dep  
  Links rel="url"  
  Attachment rel="enclosure"  

hCalendar 1.1

My hCalendar 1.1 draft documents the VTODO component.

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