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<entry-title>tel examples</entry-title>

This is part of an effort to research a tel microformat for marking up phone numbers with additional structure beyond the number itself as part of the microformats The microformats process:


Please only include examples with additional information (structure) beyond the number, e.g. a note about the number itself. If it's just a contact page, or if the additional structure is about the contact rather than specifically the phone number, just use hCard 1.0.

  • is a UK directory enquiry/business listing site. example, example with fax
    • no interesting structure found on the examples.
  • John Hurley's homepage
    • note: "Text if possible, and please don't call after 8:30 PM."
    • ... other info
  • Contact Russ
    • note: "Please don’t call after 9 pm (He’s got lil’ kids)"
    • ... other info
  • [1]
    • note: "Please call only when there is an emergency."
    • ... other info


On IRC on 2013-03-04, the ability to add notes or other data about phone numbers was discussed. This page is to document examples on the web where phone numbers have annotations.

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