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(Documented test-fixture suggestions we might consider before putting into production.)
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Issues against test-fixture. Note that this poshformat has not been through the microformats process and serves a funcational purpose for the microformats test suites work.

open issue! 2009-06-26 raised by BenWard

  • Output type could be implied from a/@type rather than explicit?. Currently the output type is explicit in a type attribute, but either the output could just be taken from the anchor, or if it is duplicated visibly, perhaps it should match the MIME type rather than using strings? e.g. &ltspan class="type">text/html</span>.

open issue! 2009-06-26 raised by BenWard

  • Represent history of changes using hAtom rather than hCalendar. It strikes me that hAtom 0.1 would be a more appropriate format for a changelog than hCalendar.

open issue! 2009-06-26 raised by BenWard

  • Consider separating *Unit asserts from custom asserts. Although the normalisation of Geo and Dates is a very useful enhancement, they may not be essential (since ISO dates can be compared somewhat reliably as strings, and co-ordinates compared to the same precision as they appear in the source). This seems desirable for simple conversion into something like JUnit, without being dependent on additional functions.