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This Week in Microformats - Week Beginning March 24th 2008

This Week in Microformats’ is a weekly summary of notable microformats activity from mailing lists, wiki, events and the wider web. It gets posted to the Blog on Sundays. Please add contributions to the headings below. (See the original This Week in Microformats posts for guidance on formatting; This Week #1, This Week #2.)

On the Wiki

From uf-discuss

Developments on uf-new

On the web

  • Microsoft set to launch Semantic Web light
    • -1 Tantek - does not mention microformats, IMHO This Week in Microformats should focus on work or developments that specifically have to do with microformats rather than general references to "semantic" technologies (that would quickly get too noisy and drown out significant info).
    • -0.5 TobyInk - I think it's OK to include general (non-uF) semantic web stuff in this-week, but that the focus should be on microformats. i.e. non-uF-news needs to be big news to be included whereas uF-news only needs to be noteworthy. I don't think this article necessarily qualifies as "big news".
  • cognition-0.1-alpha6 released.