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== Dimitri Glazkov ==
== Dimitri Glazkov ==
* Work on [[comments-formats]] (perhaps link this to an examples or brainstorming page to start with - [ Tantek])
* Figure out REST/Microformats thing
* Work on result set idea
* Implement h-creators using Web Forms 2.0
* Implement h-creators using Web Forms 2.0
* Come up with proposal for MF schema (what does this mean?  a generic schema for all microformats? an alternative to XMDP? why is this useful? - [ Tantek])
== Chris Messina ==
== Chris Messina ==

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To Do

This page is for posting microformats related shared to do items. If you want to use this page for your microformats related to-do items, create a section with your name on it. The reason we are keeping these all on the same page is to make it easier to tell when people are working on similar things, and to make it more obvious when people help out with other people's tasks. In theory this probably won't scale, but let's first see how it does in practice. :) - Tantek


I'm keeping a few microformats related to-do items here both for my own convenience, and in case anyone else is inspired to help out with any of these items. If so, just create a new section with your name, and and maybe copy the item there, and put your name next to the item in my list. We'll figure this out as we go along. Thanks, Tantek.


microformat parsing documentation

create microformats wiki pages for

improve usability and automation on the site

more microformat examples

more illustrative examples in specs

more examples in the wild

help with microformat implementations


Dimitri Glazkov

Chris Messina


New Person 2


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