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== Dimitri Glazkov ==
== Dimitri Glazkov ==
* Work on [[comments-formats]] (perhaps link this to an examples or brainstorming page to start with - [http://tantek.com/log/ Tantek])
* Figure out REST/Microformats thing
* Work on result set idea
* Implement h-creators using Web Forms 2.0
* Implement h-creators using Web Forms 2.0
* Come up with proposal for MF schema (what does this mean?  a generic schema for all microformats? an alternative to XMDP? why is this useful? - [http://tantek.com/log/ Tantek])
== Chris Messina ==
== Chris Messina ==

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To Do

This page is for posting microformats related shared to do items. If you want to use this page for your microformats related to-do items, create a section with your name on it. The reason we are keeping these all on the same page is to make it easier to tell when people are working on similar things, and to make it more obvious when people help out with other people's tasks. In theory this probably won't scale, but let's first see how it does in practice. :) - Tantek


I'm keeping a few microformats related to-do items here both for my own convenience, and in case anyone else is inspired to help out with any of these items. If so, just create a new section with your name, and and maybe copy the item there, and put your name next to the item in my list. We'll figure this out as we go along. Thanks, Tantek.


  • create hCalendar Profile and have folks verify it.
  • update XMDP with new required features:
    • ability for one profile to include/import another (rel="import" ?)
    • ability to reference an XMDP via rel="profile" (similar to XHTML2 rel value by same name)
    • ability/suggestion to reference an XMDP using <a href> in addition to <link>

microformat parsing documentation

create microformats wiki pages for

  • microformats history
    • introduction of terms (when were microformats terms introduced, by whom, etc.)
    • introduction of specs (when were microformats specifications first introduced)
      • use the history on Technorati's developer wiki for evidence of earliest dates.
      • use the presentations as a source as well.

improve usability and automation on the site

  • figure out how to get wordpress to autopost blog posts to the microformats-announce list
    • ideally use the from address of the author of the blog post
    • maybe photomatt knows how to do this.

more microformat examples

more illustrative examples in specs

  • need examples of multi-instance hCalendar events
  • of repeating events
  • need examples of hCards with work telephone, mailing address etc.

more examples in the wild

help with microformat implementations

  • hCard creator - add features/fields
    • email
    • aim / instant messaging contact info
  • wordpress improvements
    • WP admin for new profiles
      • should simply read blog URL
      • look for hcards and parse them
  • XFN Creator localizations
  • Conference Schedule Creator
    • We need to ASAP build a simple conference schedule creator (and editor?) that builds upon the hCalendar creator. We should make it *trivial* for conference organizers to build/edit/publish an hCalendar schedule for their conference, including auto-generated "Subscribe..." link which produces the proper "webcal:..." link with X2V. Note: see the "axis" and "header" attributes in HTML4, specifically in the section on Tables.


  • create microformats wiki pages for
  • submit patches for WordPress code/templates for microformats improvements
  • hCalendar/hCard/hReview creator improvements
    • update their spec links from developers.technorati.com to microformats.org!
    • get them working in IE/Win, IE/Mac, Safari/OSX.3
    • onblur in the URL field (e.g. on hCalendar), goes out and tries to retrieve an object of same time (e.g. an hCalendar vevent) from that URL and uses it to autofill the form, same thing if the creator is loaded with that URL prefilled (e.g. due to a ?url=http://example.com/ in the URL that loads the creator).
  • add an example of how to use DURATION in hcalendar see http://www.policyawareweb.org/2005/ftf2/paw-mtg#item15)
  • markup Webzine2005 calendar with hCalendar
  • Wordpress plugin for microformats, specifically hReview and hCalendar

Dimitri Glazkov

  • Figure out REST/Microformats thing
  • Work on result set idea
  • Implement h-creators using Web Forms 2.0

Chris Messina

  • Work on hPlaylist
  • Work on hPlayItem


  • Microformat for "buyable items"
  • Location MF -- right click "map this"
  • Better hCard support -- right click "IM this person...", "Add to contacts"
  • Better hCal support -- support many views of same hCal data on one page using XSLT

New Person 2