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* vcard to hcard converter
* vcard to hcard converter
** would be nice to have a web upload UI that would take one or more vcards from apple's address book and give them back to you hcards
** would be nice to have a web upload UI that would take one or more vcards from apple's address book and give them back to you hcards
** [[User:RobertBachman | RobertBachman]] suggests starting points:
** [[User:RobertBachmann | RobertBachmann]] suggests starting points:
*** For Ruby:  
*** For Ruby:  
*** For C:
*** For C:
*** For Python:
*** For Python:
*** For PHP:
== Tantek ==
== Tantek ==

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To Do

This page is for posting microformats related shared to do items. If you want to use this page for your microformats related to-do items, create a section with your name on it. The reason we are keeping these all on the same page is to make it easier to tell when people are working on similar things, and to make it more obvious when people help out with other people's tasks. In theory this probably won't scale, but let's first see how it does in practice. :) - Tantek


Just some nice things, feel free to do any of these.

for all microformats




I'm keeping a few microformats related to-do items here both for my own convenience, and for folks looking to help out with small tasks. If so, just create a new section with your name, and and maybe copy the item there, and put your name next to the item in my list. We'll figure this out as we go along. Thanks, Tantek.

iterate on current microformats




introduction / community


microformat parsing documentation

create microformats wiki pages for

improve usability and automation on the site

help with microformat implementations

help with new microformat requests


hCalendar/hCard/hReview creator improvements

hCalendar/hCard/hReview editor

*-authoring microformats wiki pages

WordPress patches for microformats



Dimitri Glazkov

Chris Messina


Robert Bachmann

Brian Suda

Citation Microformats

Add all my notes to the Wiki


Make changes and update site (almost stable) Get ATTENDEE and other strange attributes working

Mark Rickerby

Writing and Copy Editing

Ernest Prabhakar

Wiki-Thon Proposal

Set aside several hours (probably a Friday night US PST) for focused work on the Wiki, including both physical (e.g., a room in the Bay Area) and virtual (IRC/iChat) participants.


  1. Improve understanding of what needs to be done for Wiki
  2. Tackle larger projects (~1-2 hours) than people usually have time for
  3. Motivate community to have fun with otherwise tedious "housecleaning" chores

Agenda (Wishlist)

In parallel:

New Person 2


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