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Transit Table Examples


  • Tantek Çelik


Thanks to Kevin Marks for suggesting this need for a microformat on the microformats-discuss list (needslink) and providing the Caltrain example.

Problem Statement

Problem: how to markup transit tables for trains / light-rail etc. in such a way that aggregation and navigation of schedules across varying transit systems becomes possible.



TTC (Subways, Buses, Light and Electric Rail)


Note the horrifying frame and pulldown based interface.

Schedule page:

Air Canada (Airline)

This is fairly typical of many airlines -- a form-based query is needed to get to the interesting stuff.

Go Transit (Trains and Buses)


Schedule page:

Future Thoughts

This probably belongs more in a transit-table-brainstorming page, but until more examples are fleshed out and previous formats are researched, we're sticking future thoughts here.

Tufte Transit Graph

An application that read a standard transit-table microformat and produced a Tuftesque timeline grid would be very nice for transit users.