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Twitter Syntax

Retrieved from the Twitter Lingo page.

Send these commands to 40404 and interact with Twitter on your mobile phone.


Inviting or Adding People

  • add: 415-555-1212 john sends a text invite to john
  • follow username: you will get phone updates from this person (requires initial approval)

Getting More Updates

  • get: gets recent updates from all your friends
  • get username: gets this person's last update
  • follow all: turns on phone updates (entire friends list)
  • nudge username: encourages this person to update

Getting Less Updates

  • leave username: disables phone updates from this person
  • leave all: turns off phone updates (entire friends list)
  • off: disables twitter phone updates
  • on: enables twitter phone updates

Finding Out Stuff

  • followers: find out who is following your updates
  • help: sends back a list of twitter lingo commands

To update your own Twitter timeline, just text whatever is on your mind to the Twitter number: 40404.